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Debit Card FAQs

Need to activate and reset pin? 

How do I activate my card?
For debit cards, dial 1-800-290-7893. If you are calling from outside the US , dial 206-624-7998. Walk through the entire activation process and be sure to PIN your new card. It doesn't have a PIN number attached. 
How can I change my existing Pin?
To choose a new pin for your Debit Card, dial 1-855-891-2435. Complete the activation process and then then press 1 to enter a new pin number for your card.

*If you have exceeded your allowed number of pin attempts, please call MBT Bank at 641-585-4514. At midnight, the pin attempt count is reset.

Traveling with your debit card?

How can I avoid unnecessary interruptions when using my card while I travel?
Before you leave on your trip, tell MBT Bank where you are traveling to, on what dates, and provide a phone number we can contact you during your travels. We suggest you use your card on the way to your destination and with your pin number whenever possible.
What if my card gets blocked while I am traveling?
If your card gets blocked while you are traveling, you can contact us at one of the numbers below for immediate assistance.

During banking hours- 1-800-872-5630
After bank hours- 1-822-297-3146
Traveling International- 1-206-389-5200
What do I do if I lost my card while traveling?
Call us during banking hours at 1-800-872-5630, after hours at 1-822-297-3146 or if you are traveling internationally 1-206-389-2435.
*If you have downloaded the MBT2Go mobile app, you have the ability to lock & unlock your debit card if it's lost or stolen. You will also have the ability to reorder your debit card.

Fraud on your account?

What do I do if I find a suspicious transaction on my account?
Contact us at MBT Bank immediately. A friendly employee will work with you to start the appropriate paperwork to resolve the issue. If the charge is linked to your debit card, we will cancel your current card and order you a new card, with a new number, to prevent future fraud.

Is my card protected?

How does MBT Bank help protect my card?
We protect your card in several different ways. Our card processor uses the Falcon Monitoring tool to monitor every transaction you make and will block your card if they suspect fraudulent activity.
What can I do to help protect my card?
Using MBTBank’s online banking or MBT2Go mobile app to monitor your account daily is the best form of protection.
*With MBT2Go, you can set account transaction or balance alerts.  MBT2Go also allows you to turn your card on and off in the event that it is lost or stolen.

Download the MyCardRules app - This app allows your to set transaction alerts, set spending limits, and even restrict use at certain merchants. Learn more about the MyCardRules app.